Fruit & Veg Boxes Horsham

Supporting British farmers

Large Veg Box £15.50

13 varieties of seasonal and popular vegetables from a very respectable supplier in New Spitalfield Market who sources British produce from farms in Kent.

Pay £14.50 per week if you pay 4 weeks upfront.

Small Veg Box £13.50

10 varieties including potatoes, carrots and onions.

Very small quantites. 

Pay £12.50 per week if you pay 4 weeks upfront.

Summer Small Veg

Large Fruit Box £15.50

7 varieties of fruit in large quantities. We buy class 1 from 2 suppliers in our farmers market and try to stay British.

Unfortunately with our British climate we can't provide 100% British fruit all year around as many favourites like bananas, pineapple and citrus are grown overseas.

Pay £14.50 per week if you pay 4 weeks upfront.

Small Fruit Box £13.50

6 varieties of fruit in very small quantities including 6 apples, 2 bananas and citrus.

Pay £12.50 per week if you pay 4 weeks upfront.

Large Mix Box £15.50

12 varieties of fruit and vegetables with small quantities.

5 fruit types including 4 apples, citrus (2 oranges or small amount of peelables) 3 bananas then 2 types of fruit chosen for you. 7 vegetables types (salad seasonally) including potatoes, carrots and onion             .

Pay £14.50 per week if you pay 4 weeks upfront.                             

(😲Get 12 eggs free on your first delivery when you pay 4 weeks.)

Seasonal Fruit Salad £15.50 April/Sept

Small Mix Box £13.50 or £14.50 with 6 eggs.

10 varieties in very small quantities including potatoes, carrots, onion, apples 3 ,citrus and 2 bananas.

Pay £12.50 or £13.50 with 6 eggs if you pay 4 weeks upfront.

Organic Veg Box £23

Standard size with 10 items.

100% Organic 

Free Range Eggs

6 £2         12 £3          30 £5

Add to any size box but are not sold seperate.

Organic Cheese.

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We are very laidback when it comes to service, you can message to order, tell us what box you like and where to deliver it. You don't even need to be home for delivery because you can pay with a bank transfer then we will leave your box in a safe place for you, cover when we can in extreme weather conditions. Simply set up a standing order and pause or stop when you want to with 48hrs notice.

No subscription fees or we work on a week to week basis so you can order as and when you like, arranging automatic delivery does guarentee a delivery each week or fortnight whereas if you order as you go we can't guarantee availability upon ordering.

We offer pre selected fresh seasonal produce from the UKs biggest fruit and vegetable wholesalers in East London, New Spitalfield Farmers Market and packing ourselves ready to be delivered to your door plastic free.

Delivery information 

Wednesday (10am-9pm)

Horsham & surrounding areas 

All villages on the outskirts of Horsham

Crawley & surrounding areas 

Thursday (3pm-7pm)

Ask us to check your address upon ordering if you are not sure.

You can order via Whatsapp on 07456151215



Our Policy

FRUIT AND VEG BOXES HORSHAM LTD....Payment policy is simple, bank details will be given after the order is completed, you must pay the required amount 24hrs prior to delivery and notify us of any late payments that may occur to prevent charges on your next order or forced cancellations on future orders.